Friday, 18 May 2012

Listening to music and revision

A lot of people enjoy listening to music while they revise, and while it helps to get through those long hours without getting bored out of your mind, it won't make your revision as effective. When it comes to just writing an essay it can be helpful, but when you're reading or memorising then you should turn it off. This is because listening, reading, and your internal voice all interlink in the brain. That's why it's hard to concentrate when people are talking loudly etc.

This means that when you're trying to re-write, read or memorise something it is interrupted by the music, meaning that it can't be converted into a lasting memory as easily. Which means you're likely to forget it at a later date.

There are often recordings that you can get of your lectures or you could record yourself reading out your notes and listen to that while you go through the same topic. This way you can time your revision better and also make sure that you didn't miss anything that was said while you were taking notes in class.

The approach I have found is to record your lectures (always be sure to ask the lecturer for permission at the start of the module) and not take any notes in the lecture. This means you can fully focus on taking all the information in and understand what is being said during the lecture. You can then go home and listen to the lecture again in the evening or at a later date so you can hit the pause button while you take notes.

As always, good luck

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